Pension specialist testimonial

This testimonial was originally given on Linkedin and is reproduced here. Many thanks to Mark Penston from Bluesky IFAs for the recommendation. Mark and I have worked on divorce cases over the past 10 years, the most complex case involved a final salary pension valued at £2.3 million.


"I've worked with Mena on many divorce cases and found her to be technically excellent. She always has a firm understanding of her clients position and what is right for them."

Client testimonial

This testimonial was given by a client to the Senior Partner by letter. The letter hasn't been reporoduced in full.


"I am writing to let you know how happy I have been with the help Mena has been to me through what has been the most difficult time in my life."


"In talking to patients who are going through the divorce process I have recommended Mena to them as I am sure they too will be pleased with her help."



Arbitration testimonial

I am very pleased to have received a testimonial from Max Lewis of 29 Bedford Row chambers, regarding our involvement in an Arbitration case. Max and I work together frequently.


"Mena and I very successfully worked together on an Arbitration to deal with the financial aspects of a divorce, which had a number of complicating features. The parties were able to choose their Arbitrator and set their own time-scale for the resolution of their dispute. The hearing took place in the comfort of the solicitors offices rather than at court. The proceedings were fully robust but much less antagonistic. The result was right, the process smooth and the parties (and their children children) will always be grateful that their matter did not have to go through the courts."

Delegate testimonial

From a Delegate in 2014 after an In House financial case update course - “the best seminar I have ever been to and possibly the most knowledgeable speaker – lots of extra content about the cases which makes it interesting.”

Blog writing testimonial

The following testimonial is written by the Managing Partner of a Tier 1, Legal 500 firm. I have been working with the firm for nearly a year to write blog articles for their website, newspaper articles and marketing pieces.


"Mena has been ghost writing informative family law pieces for our website and a variety of local press for some months now. Her suggested articles are topical and are written in an intelligent but easy to comprehend  way for the lay person.

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