Getting Divorced?

If you are thinking about getting divorced here are a few things to think about.

1. Free Interview/Fixed fee interview


Most firms will offer you a first free interview or a low fixed fee option. You should take advantage of this and book an appointment with at least 3 solicitors so that you can choose the person that you feel comfortable with. Don't choose the first person you meet as you will have no comparison. These days firms might offer price transparency information so you can shop around for an affordable quote. 



2. Fixed Fee Divorce


Many firms offer a fixed fee service, in those cases it is a good idea to find out who will be doing the paperwork as it might be a junior solicitor or even a paralegal. Sometimes, it is cheaper to pay an hourly rate, other times it is cheaper to pay a fixed fee. You should always know who is doing the work, is it the solicitor or their paralegal/secretary?

You should be aware that the Government have developed a portal so that you can start proceedings yourself, without the need to get a solicitor involved. Solicitors may not be that keen to let you know that the portal is easy to use, 

It will probably take in the region of 20 minutes for you to complete the first step of the divorce process online, you will need to pay the filing fee which is currently £550. You may need to speak to a solicitor about financial division, children and any domestic abuse issues.

It could be disadvantageous for you to finish your divorce without sortng out your finances first, make sure you speak to a solicitor about these matters before applying for the decree absolute. 


3. Bespoke Divorce Service


Some people will need to pay for a bespoke service, this is paid for on an hourly rate. If the proceedings are defended then you should expect to pay for this service. Although most people expect their divorce to be defended the costs are prohibitive and the vast majority (estimated at 95%) are not defended.Happily the divorce law is due to change in 2021 and it will no longer be possible to defend a divorce. This should make the whole process cheaper and less stressful.