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Having known Mena Ruparel as a family lawyer advising and representing a considerable number of our mediation clients, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her. I consider her to be ethical, highly competent and exceptionally focussed on helping clients in separation and divorce reach a dignified and fair conclusion.

The relationship between family lawyers and family mediators is of critical importance. The potential for developing that relationship has considerable unrealised scope in this country. While both family lawyers and family mediators should have the same overall objectives of fairness, avoidance of unnecessary delay, minimisation of destructive acrimony and outcomes that are legally acceptable, it is imperative that we work within our respective professional boundaries.

In my experience Mena admirably fulfils her role. She does not hesitate to advise her clients as to what they should or should not offer and accept in mediation. They certainly see this advice as entirely independent of mediation, as indeed they should. She routinely provides her clients with written advice, which invariably leads to subsequent constructive negotiations. Perhaps most usefully, I believe Mena shows strong confidence in her legal expertise, which her clients value and respect. Mediation with cases where Mena is the lawyer for one of the clients has invariably led to successful outcomes, because she understands and accepts what family mediation can do, as a complementary process with legal advice.

I really do appreciate being associated with Mena as a professional person in the network of support and facilitation that clients in separation and divorce need.

Christopher Richards

Family Mediator and Managing Director

Divorce and Separation Centre (Family Mediation Limited)

01737 772333


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