Glossary of terms

Consent Order - Most people want to achieve a final result as a result of marital breakdown. Once the parties agree a result at mediation, it is best to write that up inot an order by consent. It is eventually sent to the court for a Judge to approve.

Statement of Information (in Support of a consent order) - A short financial document that needs to be sent to the court with the Consent Order, both parties must complete this document.

Memorandum of Understanding - A document prepared by the mediator which sets out the result of mediation. This is used by the Solicitor to prepare the Consent Order.

Pension Sharing - One of the financial solutions available to parties after a Marital or Civil Partnership breakdown, is to share one of the Pension funds available.

Full Disclosure - The mediators will ask both parties to reveal to each other the whole financial picture. This includes all assets, savings, pensions and income for both parties.

Statutory Charge - If a party is entitled to Legal Aid, money can sometimes be owed to the LSC (Legal Services Commission).

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