New FPR 2014

Family Procedure Rules 2014


The transitional arrangements


I have been busy over the last few months getting to grips with the creation of the new Single Family Court materials as I am presenting seminars for CLT until July 2014. If you would like to attend a lecture please look at the available dates here.


However, as the new Family Court comes into being today, there are a couple of things that practitioners need to know.



New Forms


There are a number of new forms for Children Act work and divorce. All the new forms are available here 


The transitional arrangements state that you must use the new forms.


If you fail to use the new forms then certain applications will be automatically rejected, for example;


1. Applications for Financial Remedy (Form A/FormA1)

2.An Application for special protection for respondent in certain separation cases (Form B)


Other applications will be returned unissued, but if there is an urgency these appliations could be issued. This reprieve period lasts for only 6 months, I'm sure practitioners will have got to grips with the new forms within 6 months!


Those other applications that might be issued in the right circumstances are as follows;


1. C1 form - parental responsibility and others

2. C2 form - permission to start applications and others

3. C100 form - New Child Arrangement Orders applications and other s8 orders


Whether your local court issues these applications is a matter for each individual court, be aware that the courts will be looking for properly completed FM1 forms to comply with the new s10 Children and Families Act 2014 requirement to attend a MIAMS appointment. This information can be found at Practice Direction 36A - Chapter 2.