This week I have been in London and Norfolk delivering courses for CLT.

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Decree Absolute Respondent Application

How to apply for the decree absolute if you are the respondent

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Why podcast?

What is a podcast, you might wonder?

It is quite simple really, its an audio clip, a bit of information to listen to rather than read an article, a book or a leaflet.

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Glossary of terms

Consent Order - Most people want to achieve a final result as a result of marital breakdown. Once the parties agree a result at mediation, it is best to write that up inot an order by consent. It is eventually sent to the court for a Judge to approve.

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CR interview

This audio file is a conversation I had with Christopher Richards from the Divorce and Separation Centre, one of many fantastic mediation services that can be found across the country.

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islamic marriage

Marriage and divorce statistics

It caught my eye in an article on the BBC website that there seems to be a generally accepted idea that the divorce rate is on the increase, without any in depth consideration of what factors might influence the numbers.

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Myths, Divorce myths and statistics

You've all heard the one about people getting divorced in January haven't you?

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The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers

Whether a world without lawyers is likely to be good or bad is a matter for speculation for the time being, although after April 2013 we will certainly see a different legal services landscape.

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Mediator testimonial

Having known Mena Ruparel as a family lawyer advising and representing a considerable number of our mediation clients, I have no hesitation in strongly recommending her. I consider her to be ethical, highly competent and exceptionally focussed on helping clients in separation and divorce reach a dignified and fair conclusion.

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A new way toward resolving family disputes

I have qualified as a Family Law Arbitrator, this means that I am able to help people to resolve their family related disputes outside court, at times that are convenient to them and wherever they wish to.

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Family Arbitration

Life after PAG – what you need to know about pensions in divorce and civil partnership cases.

How to deal with pensions in a divorce or civil partnership dissolution. Find out what do when you realise there is a pension asset in a financial remedy case. Learn about the Pension Advisory Group's key recommendations. Karen Dovaston is the Principal at Dovaston Law and contributor to the Pension Advisory Group report. Mena Ruparel is a Consultant solicitor and member of the Pension Advisory Group. They will discuss best practice in pension cases to help widen your understanding of the practical issues that face solicitors every day.

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A new day - a new procedure

How to proceed with Arbitration?

As Arbitration was only introduced in March 2012, many people (Judges, barristers, Solicitors, Cilex members and clients!) are still getting to grips with this new process.

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